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Understanding the fundraising dashboard

After creating your account, or whenever logging into it, you will be redirected to your fundraising dashboard.

Fundraising Dashboard

First time login

First time login, follow steps image.

When logging in for the first time you, you will see a popup appear which asks if you want to personalize your fundraising page.

Personalizing your fundraising page is great way to give style to your fundraising campaign and makes you look more credible.

The easiest way to set up and stylize your fundraising page to represent you is to click on the “Personalize” button in the popup, and follow and complete the steps it takes you through.

Dashboard – Update Fundraising Goal

To update your fundraising goal, at top of dashboard page, underneath the fundraising goal thermometer, select “Update goal”.

Update goal image.

After clicking on the text, a white text box will appear, in this white text box enter you new fundraising goal, after, click anywhere outside of the text box to save your new fundraising goal.

Updated goal image.

Dashboard Breakdown

Please see image below and scroll down to numbered sections to understand what each numbered section takes care of.

  1. This section is the system telling you what parts of your profile you can and should update to maximize fundraising efforts within the system
  2. This gives you general announcements, news, and tips from Easter Seals Ontario event organizers to all participants.
  3. This is an activity feed and let’s you know how what is happening, like joining a team, someone joining your team, and of donations.
  4. This gives you your registration details.
  5. This is the team you are a part of and how much the team has accumulated in donations. To the bottom, this also tells you who the team captain is, in this case it is “Tony Stark”.
  6. This gives you both links to your own personal fundraising page and your teams fundraising page.
  7. This tells you how many donors have donated to your personal fundraising campaign, average donations and average donation for the event.
    • If you were to click on team, it will give you a list team members, how much they have fundraised in leaderboard formate. See below to see example:

Customizing the Participant Page

To find the “Participant Page”, you will need to look at the left navigation bar and click on “Participant Page” located under “Dashboard”.

In the participant page, you can edit and customize what your personal fundraising website looks like.

Change your profile picture

To add a profile image, click on the profile image box and it will open a file folder to your computer, search for the image you want to add and add it.

To change a profile picture, click on the camera icon to simply repeat the step above above.

Customize your personal fundraising page

To customize your personal fundraising page, hover your mouse over the text area until it has a background colour of the yellow shade you see above, click on the pencil icon, after doing so, this will open up a big text box where you can swap images and edit your text.

Updated on March 14, 2023
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